Easy Washing Machine Agitator Clutch Repair

It’s really easy to repair the slipping agitator clutch on many washing machines – $6 in parts, a couple simple tools, and this how to article could save you an appliance repair bill. Anyone can do it, and you might even get your clothes washer fixed quicker by doing it yourself.

“The agitator in my washing machine isn’t agitating!”

Fixing our broken Kenmore Elite top loading washing machine (apparently similar to Whirlpool, Roper and Inglis) turns out to be a really simple 10 minute job.  Seriously, if your agitator is slipping don’t call a repairman for this, a twelve year old could probably do it.  It’s so easy that I would recommend that if you don’t have a socket wrench and extension (the only tools required) that you buy one rather than call an appliance repair man just to change the agitator clutch.  Also, the parts were only $6.

The agitator on our washing machine stopped agitating.
The top part of the agitator on our washing machine stopped agitating.

So, my lovely wife informs me that the washing machine is broken.  It fills with water and makes noise like it’s working but nothing much seems to be going on inside the tub – the water is maybe moving around a little bit, but not like normal where the clothes are all working around and down through the middle.  The agitator isn’t agitating.  Actually upon a bit of investigation it turns out that the bottom half of the agitator actually is agitating, but the top part (the “clothes mover”) seems to be slipping.

Just what we need, the economy is in the crapper and our 10 year old Kenmore washing machine picks now to give up the ghost.  I figure either we buy a new washing machine or pay a repairman to look at it and then maybe still buy a new clothes washer. Marvelous.

I’ve got to at least try to fix it first.

The problem is the agitator clutch – not to be confused with The Washing Machine Clutch – that is a completely different thing.

So after a few minutes spent with Google I determine that I need to remove the agitator by first “removing the fabric softener cup”  That’s it – no detailed instructions.  Anyway, there’s not much to loose so I dive right in…

The fabric softener cup comes off by pulling firmly from the bottom of the ridge a couple of inches down the side.  It’s pretty stiff though.

pull up on the ridge to remove the fabric softener cup
Pull up on the ridge to remove the fabric softener cup
That rope is my camera lanyard - sorry about that.
That rope is my camera lanyard - sorry about that.

Then, under the fabric softener cup you can see this large plastic plug which also just pulls out.  You might need to use a pair of pliers to grip the handle that is built into the top.

That round plug down in there also just pulls out
That round plug down in there also just pulls out
every thing is nice and lubed with fabric softener
Every thing is nice and lubed with fabric softener

Once that is out you can see a regular hex bolt down in there.  You need a fairly long extension and a socket (7/16″ I think) to unscrew that.

Use a socket and extension to remove the retainer bolt
Use a socket and extension to remove the retainer bolt

Once you’ve loosened the nut you can pull the top part of the agitator (the “clothes mover”) straight up to remove it.

Now it just comes right off.
Now it just comes right off.

The clutch and “dog” assembly is in the top of the agitator.

I think you would actually call that the clutch dog carrier.
I think you would actually call that the agitator clutch dog carrier.

This assembly – spring, cup, and bolt are inside of the clutch dog carrier – pay attention to the order that they are in so that you can replace it all correctly later.  You might need to shake or jar some models to get this out (Whirlpool Ultimate care II for example) .

Pay attention so that you can remember how it goes back - it isnt complicated, and it can probably only go one way - maybe two.
Pay attention so that you can remember how it goes back - it isn't complicated, and it can probably only go one way - maybe two.
Gently remove this flat plastic retainer so that you can replace the dogs.  The best place to do this is on a nice piece of antique furniture.
Gently remove this flat plastic retainer so that you can replace the "clutch dogs". The best place to do this is on a nice piece of antique furniture. I'm only using the pocket knife to pry the part up, I'm not cutting anything with it.
Those little plastic thingies are the worn out clutch dogs that are to blame for all this grief. They just sit in their recesses.
Those dirty little plastic thingies are the worn out clutch dogs that are to blame for all this grief. They just sit in their recesses.
The replacement dogs were $6 and I got them from a local appliance parts store - they dont sell on the internet - sorry.
The replacement dogs were $6 and I got them from a local appliance parts store - they don't sell on the internet - sorry.

You can order agitator dogs at this link.

Replacing the clutch dogs is as easy as it looks in this picture.
Replacing the clutch dogs is as easy as it looks in this picture.
an exploded view of the whole thing
an exploded view of the whole thing

It’s really that easy.  Obviously you just reverse  the process to  put it back together.  It took a lot longer to write this article than it does to fix the washing machine.

If this article is helpful  please leave a comment telling how you found it and what search engine and search term you used – I can use that information to help more people like you find it easily.  Thanks.

You can order appliance repair manuals here.  In a lot of cases you can fix your own appliances and save yourself a lot of money.

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  1. Hey Dude, you Rock!!! I used your article to order the part for my washing machine from repairclinic.com (which was cheaper than the other 3 places I checked!) and fix my washing machine!!! I ordered the part from repairclinic.com on Monday, the part came in on Wednesday, I fixed the washer, and promptly washed a load of towels! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Debra, I’m really glad that this helped you. It really means a lot to me when I get that kind of feedback from people. Thanks!

  3. Wow, wish I’d seen this article earlier today before I paid a repairman $133 to fix our machine. Live and learn.

  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I really thought my previously reliable 10-year-old Kenmore 90 Series had kicked the bucket, and I was distraught!!! Plus there is NO MONEY to buy ANYTHING right now! I bought the part…which I paid $8 for because I didn’t want to wait for the $2.50 replacement via mail–and replaced the dogs in 5 minutes TOPS including removing the agitator dog thingie… it works like a DREAM now!!!! OMG u are AWESOME!!!! again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Now, can you tell me how to fix my finances? LOL!!!!

  5. Yes! Spend less than you make.

    Seriously, always take a shot at fixing big ticket items (and small ticket items too) before you junk them – or having them fixed. Often enough it’s more doable than you think.

  6. Dude, You rock!

    I have a 7 year old Whirlpool Ultimate care II (LSQ9110KQ1) with agitator not working. I followed the instruction and valla! I saved $75. I had slightly different assembly for the agitator, and I had to tap the assembly firmly twice to extract the dog assembly.


  7. Dear David,
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am a mom of two with a busy schedule and a tight wallet! Your advice was perfect! I bought the dog ears and was able to replace them myself with your help! I am so appreciative of your help, you saved me money and Lord knows we all need that! Thanks a ton! You are doing a great service helping appreciative people that want to learn!

  8. Thanks Shannon, I’m glad it was helpful.
    Ravi, I added the tidbit about having to jar the agitator to get the dog carrier out to the article. Thanks for that tip.

  9. Please help! Four stinky kids – washer not doing its job!Husband doesn’t have one right now. Can’t afford a repairman. Maytag, approx. 7 yrs. old not agitating properly. The first part of the agitation (counter-clockwise motion)is fine. Not enough clockwise motion to pull clothes down. They just spin. Washer seems to spin-out normally. I have looked at illustrations of my washer and don’t see the agitator dogs. Also not found in parts list. Would you recommend tightening (or replacing) the drive belt? Model MAV6000AWW Serial 10498156YH

  10. I wanted to add; You are awesome! Handy and a sense of humor. Your wife is a lucky woman!! Thank you soo much.

  11. I’ve got the same problem and have ordered replacement dogs. However, mine is a Kenmore model 110.92291100 and doesn’t have the softener cup atop the agitator– it’s on the lip of the machine under the lid. There doesn’t appear to be a seam or a cap on the agitator. How do I get to the agitator clutch in this model? Thanks

  12. Thank you so much for publishing this article along with the photos. I started tearing into the washer by taking off the fabric softner cap and the sealed plug. I figured out by moving the top agitator by hand that it was the agitator dogs that were worn. That is where I stopped. I was afraid to dismantle the agitator more. But after finding this article while looking for a parts diagram I am more than certain that all I need to do is replace the $4.00 parts. I am oredering them tonight and will use your photos as a great reference tool to complete the job. Thanks again!

  13. Thanks so much for the help – with your instructions and pictures the job went super easy ( hardest part was finding the cogs which we did at an appliance outlet store in their parts department) Again thanks for saving us time, headache, and most of all the $$$$ for the repair !!(and a big dating-game type MMMWWWWAAAAHHHHH !!!! from the missus)

  14. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I was noticing the other day how my agitator is barely moving and googled the problem and found your site. I took my machine apart and sure enough it was the clutch dogs. I kept calling them feed dogs though so I’m glad I double checked before I went to the store feeling smart about fixing my own washing machine then asking for feed dogs!

  15. You are AMAZING!
    I’m a 20 something single mom of two and I am so proud of myself right now thanks to your awesome, easy to understand instructions.
    Up to this point I first called whirlpool and the agent told me to adjust the hose; which eventually pulled it right from the machine; flooded my basement including the 2 weeks worth of laundry that piled up on the floor. I was waiting for a miracle because I could not afford the repairman or even a cheap used machine.
    At my wits end with a basement starting to stink I started googling. After several failed attempts using advice from websites; I find yours. 4:30am….
    I did exactly what you said; the photo’s helped ALOT. I didn’t have a long socke thingie so I used pliers to turn a socket that fit the bolt. And WAAALLLAAHH! 4 Dogs worn flat. If you were here I’d kiss ya!!!
    I have two hours till the hardware store opens; so I will get some sleep; but I HAD to take a moment to thank you!
    I will pay it forward and try to tell anyone else this simple solution!

  16. Excellent! It really makes you feel good sometimes to do something like this with your own hands – a problem solved and a sense of control and self reliance. I’m glad I could help.

  17. My husband said I should call the repair person today when the washer stopped agitating. I replied no, that we should just try to figure it out.

    I found your site and am so thankful, as it was exactly our problem with the washer. Your directions and pictures helped to identify it on our own.

    Thanks so much.

  18. This was what makes the internet so great! Excellent tip and huge $ savings. Made the wife very happy!!!!!

  19. I googled “washing machine agitator broke” and got another site – which didn’t help – but there was a link to this article in the comments. I got the washer apart in less than 5 minutes (despite my DH leaning over my shoulder and saying “I don’t think you should be doing this” @@)and discovered two broken dogs. I’m going to hunt for the parts at lunchtime today. You saved me about $1000, because I was going to buy a front loader instead of putting the money into a repair.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  20. OMG!! Thank you so much for this info! I totally impressed my husband (who is not mechanically inclined) by repairing the dogs and fixing our agitator. You deserve an award for saving us money and a service call! Thank you again…there is a huge difference in the agitator motion and I just fixed it ten minutes ago! You are the best!

  21. Thanks so much – I’m hoping this is exactly what is wrong with the agitator like I’m thinking. Quick question though before I strip the bolt – to loosen the bolt it’s still counterclockwise, correct? It’s not opposite for any reason – fans and some clocks are like that.

    Thanks, again!

  22. Great post! I was looking at $215 to have a Sears repair done. You saved me. 10 minutes and $6.00 was all it took. Thanks x 10!

  23. My 12 year old Kenmore washer stopped agitating and I was getting ready to buy a new machine. Ran across your site using Yahoo search. Turned out all 4 of my dogs were broken near the narrow end. Bought replacement dogs for $8 at Sears, installed them in under 5 minutes, washer is now back to 100%. Thank you VERY much.

  24. This is great! Everything is right on until I get to the bolt that is not there. On my machine, the top of the “bolt shank’ is a rounded tiny nub. Any ideas on the next step to teach the dogs?

  25. Thank you so much…I did this ALL by myself, I thought I’d be totally inept…but I did it. Thank you, thank you, thank you….& by the way, I posted this like for ALL my friends to see on facebook.

  26. THANK YOU! I found your site and bought the agitator dogs yesterday for <$7. It only took *five minutes* to fix our Kenmore this morning. You saved me a ton of money and I am *soooooo* very appreciative!

  27. So Bob–how did you get the agitator off–we have the same problem with a hotpoint washer. I am only hopiny that the problem is the agitator dawgs.

  28. You just saved me $100+. I was just about to call a repairman to fix my noisy washing machine agitator because it wasn’t rotating as it should no matter what speed I set it on. I searched in Google and found your website. It was well written and the pictures made it easy for me. I went to my local appliance store and bought the $7 Dog Agits. I installed the new agits in 10 minutes and presto, problem fixed. Thank you very much.

  29. Any ideas on how to take apart the agitator on an Amana? We got the fabric softener cup off, but that’s it. There doesn’t seem to be anything else to unscrew beyond that.

  30. Sorry to say. This isn’t the case with a Maytag. It is all once piece. Once I took off the agitator, the clutch assembly would not come off. I went down to the Maytag Store. They informed me that it was all one piece. $62.00 is better that replacing the washer. Thanks

  31. Thanks for your reply. So what is the $62 piece we need? Something inside the agitator?

  32. David, thank you so much! You ROCK! Your explainations and pics were spot on. I did exactly what you described and my machine is working perfectly now. I thank you so much for the money you have saved me and the empowerment I now have that I fixed my own washer(with your help of course). I think its great that people are still willing to help a neighbor out. You are amazing.

  33. THIS IS THE GREATEST!!!!! My 8 year old Roper (RAL5144BW1) has had this agitator problem for over 3 months and I refused to pay someone to fix it, but have been soo busy that I didn’t have time to fix it myself. Today I took on the project, and found your site via a Google search, and in FIVE MINUTES I have the solution! I was able to find the agitator clutch and remove it with little effort, thanks to your illustrations. Even the slight variance in my model didn’t cause a problem. THANK YOU for an INCREDIBLE tutorial!!!

  34. Okay – so I did this and appreciate the tutorial very much! (6 kids = perpetual state of laundry)

    Anywho – couple things – I have a 12 year old Whirlpool Ultimate Care and the assembly fell right out – no tapping, no effort to work it out. I also didn’t have one of those spring thingys at all? Am I suppose to? It’s never been repaired nor taken apart before and we bought it new, so one owner for its entire life.

    It works – no slipping nor noise as it slips – but still doesn’t draw the clothes down. My dogs were obviously worn, so that did make an improvement.

  35. Okay – went back at relooked at it. I had this one little part that slides down over the dogs on upside down! Oops! Anyway – it works PERFECTLY now! Thank you a hundred times thank you for posting this. You have saved me a phenomenal headache/expense/hassle!

    Yee haaa!

  36. What a helpful article with great pictures. Thanks for stating how simple this repair is. The hardest part was locating the dogs and running out to get them. You saved us a lot of money with this article. Thank you!!

  37. Another satisfied customer. I think the longest part of the repair was the google searching. Great tip to watch to see if the bottom portion of the agitator was working. Thanks for saving so many of us money.

  38. THANK YOU!! I replaced the dogs this morning and now my washer works great! I wondered why my clothes didn’t seem to be coming clean, and now I know!

  39. After looking at my agitator, i could see that the “dogs” (didn’t know that was the name at the time)weren’t catching. I just didn’t know to go about fixing it. I’m a single mom with no handyman around, so thanx for putting this out there to help save us all a buck! U r the bomb!

  40. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and photograph this repair. this sounds exactly like our problem and i’ve used the link you provided to order the ‘dogs.’ Big blessings for you and yours, David.

  41. Thank you so much for your information on this repair. I replaced the dogs on my Kenmore Elite Calypso, but the agitator is still not working. It spins fine, just doesn’t agitate. I can move it manually, but when the washer is going through the cycle it isn’t moving. Any suggestions?

  42. It’s impossible for me to know for sure, but it might act like that if the dogs are in backwards. Does the bottom part of the agitator move back and forth like it’s supposed to when the washer is running? If not it might mean that you have a bigger problem – such as a transmission. Ouch. If this is the case here’s a tip – you can probably find a perfectly good used machine on local online classifieds for $100 or less. We got a large capacity kenmore heavy duty washer and matching dryer for my daughter for $100 then sold the dryer for $50.

  43. You Are AWESOME!!! Great fix & I love the step-by-step pictures. Worked like a charm. Thank you!

  44. YOU ARE THE MAN! This is exactly what I needed in order to fix our maching machine. Thanks for being so descriptive. Although we have a different model, it works just the same. GOD BLESS YOU BRO!

  45. You Rock! Just saved me from buying a new washer!!!! Only 15 min. and $9.21! You’ve made me so happy 🙂


  46. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post this repair. I googled “kenmore does not agitate” Then I followed a link to zenfixit and searched “kenmore agitator.”

    Very nice work. You have helped dozens and will be rewarded one day.

    thanks again!

  47. Saved by Google yet again! It took me longer to find my tools than it did to affect this easy repair. My wife thanks you for denying me the opportunity of taking the whole machine apart to figure out how it works.

  48. David,

    Thanks a bunch for the tip. Didn’t know where to start but took me only 10 minutes to repair once I read your article. Cost= $6… Made my wife very happy.

  49. Awesome! Thanks so much! I’m not very handy when it comes to repairs, but your instructions were right on and I completed this in 15 minutes!

  50. Thanks for the great instructions, it gave me the confidence to repair on my own. I had I had a different machine but the process was the same. Fixed it for 18 dollars, got the part in 3 days. No trips to the hardware store. Canceled the repairman for a $66.00 minumum service call plus parts and labor.

  51. I replaced the dogs in my agitator and was wondering if I should have lubricated them? It looked like it might have been before. I thought of putting some petroleum jelly on them.

  52. I don’t think that you should lube them. Usually nylon parts like this are more or less self lubricating, and you could gum up the works if you aren’t careful. They might either not move freely enough to engage, or the contact surface might get lube on it and not hold. Either way it could cause them to slip.

  53. HI! Do these easy steps apply to the old Roper Extra large capacity’s by chance? I can turn my agitaor freely both directions by hand!

  54. Courtney, This might be your situation, too. good luck, let me know if it helps.
    Ted Resnick
    June 21, 2010 at 6:00 am
    Dave, I fixed my machine a few months ago with your great article and about $8.00. My unit has a plastic socket bolt with a squared well, just over half an inch wide, instead of a regular bolt head showing. I used a 1/2 inch drive extension with a bit of tape on it to fit the well, and everything else went to plan. There also seemed to be the remnants of a fiber washer/gasket in the hole. Let your readers know that if they look into the agitator and don’t see the bolt head, that it may just be a socket instead, maybe hiding under a “flat” gasket. Hope this helps someone. PS if it’s ok, horseahaulic.com is for horse lovers.

  55. I am a old retired washer repairman and it is wonderful to read about poeple reparing their washers. Thanks for helping so many, I did not think of doing the same and it is to late now for me to do so.

    Thanks again

    Mac Hansen

  56. Thanks, Mac,
    It’s really nice to have an “old pro” like what you did. Keep on agitating! I’m sure you can still help someone else here. Ted

  57. Just wanted to say thank you very much! This pretty much worked on my Roper and you really helped out this single mom on a tight budget!!! Thanks Again!!!

  58. I used to go online often for advice on fixing just about everything. My results were mixed; sometimes the Interweb didn’t have the info I needed, sometimes I got tons of help and was able to stand proudly over my functioning (INSERT APPLIANCE HERE). Lately, however, nothing seemed to work. It was all beyond repair. I guess over time I learned to fix lots of little problems but now I was getting hit with more complex issues and the information online was more scarce. Anyway, maybe it’s because of that recent history or maybe just because I’m a jaded lifetime NYer, but I had low expectations for this fix. Truth is, I was on the fence between calling my repair guy who charges about $150 or getting a used washer for about $200 on ebay or craigslist before even attempting it. But I figured I’d return to my old ways, go online, and see if there’s an easy fix I could find before shelling out two bills. End result: you saved me at least $140 (the agitator dogs were $10). I had only two problems along the way: 1) When I went into the appliance part shop and asked the guy for the agitator dogs he asked me if I wanted, “wild ones or tame.” I got all nervous as your post did not mention which ones to get; then about a second and a half later I realized he was breaking my balls–I asked him for the “wild” ones since they would probably agitate better. He laughed, I paid, I got my dogs. Problem #2) At home when I disassembled the whole housing everything kind of went flying (dogs, bearing, clothes mover) and it took me a while to put everything back in the right order. It would have taken a lot longer without the diagram. Thanks for all the help. Awesome post.

  59. You are great!! My husband was able to go buy the little parts and following your photos, fix it himself!! Saved money, thank you muchly!!

  60. Thank you! My 12 year old Kenmore is back in business with your clear instructions. I never would have attempted this without the photos – they were a big help. Even my 15 year old son was impressed with Mom tonite ;-). The agitator dogs are up to $10 at our local Sears parts store, but still a bargain!

  61. Thanks! Easy breezy fix! Just needed my husband to get the bolt loose- that was a two man (1 woman & 1 man) job.

    I googled “washing machine not agitating” and I found you!

  62. Thanks a bunch for putting this up. It solved my agitator issue on Whirpool. Exact same setup as look like same parts as well.

  63. WOW!!! Great tips on repairing the agitator dogs. My washer (VERY old and well used) was, I thought, done. I cannot afford a new one and a repairman was out of the question. My brother, Jim, found your site and checked the dogs. Sure enough, they were worn out. He was able to purchase replacements locally and fixed the washer…now works great! Amazing. Your site is a tremendous help. THANK YOU!!!

  64. Thank you so much! I’m so relieved I found your blog. I fixed my washer for $9.50. I have a Kenmore 110.23822100 and it was a little tricky to get the agitator apart (there isn’t a bolt, instead you must use a 1/2″ square thingy to get it off) but after we figured that out, it went together so easy. Thanks again!!

  65. Thank you! That was awesome. I fixed my washer for about $7 including shipping. It took literally about 5 minutes. We have the whirlpool ultimate care II.

    Thanks again.

  66. Thank you so much for posting this amazing tutorial! I just fixed the washer myself (little ol’ me, and my husband stood there and watched!). $10 in parts, $10 for tools= worth the satisfaction of doing it yourself.


  67. Very well presented and concise information. I may just go in and have a look at the clutch dogs. I use google and typed Whirlpool Ultimate care 2 agitator. Thank You

  68. Very Useful. Thank you Sooo much.

    I searched with google. “Loose Washer Machine Agitator” I used images and the agitator image is what caught my attention. Otherwise you were on page ten of google web search. searching “Loose Washing Machine Agitator” put you on pg. 9

  69. Just wanted to thank you for posting this. I found it by googling “Ultimate Care II agitator not working” Our washer has had many repairs after 10 years and we had almost decided to buy a new one. I thought if this was a quick fix we could repair it since the machine sounded and worked fine except the clothes mover. We thougth maybe a belt or something. I am so glad to have found your instructions and photos. The only problem I had was the whole thing kind of spung apart on me when it came out. But after a little experimenting and double checking the photos I got it back together again and working great once more. You have saved another family tons of money that would have been spent on a new machine! Thank you!

  70. My Kenmore has done this. I have unlocked it by ruinnng it throught the rince cycle again. Do not pull on the door until you hear it unlock. If you pull on it before the cycle is over (the drum has stopped spinning and the light is off) you can cause the lock to jam. Good luck.

  71. Replaced the Dogs and washer is still not agitating. Have Kenmore 500 #110-29522800, please help. Need to know if there is a clutch or something else that needs to be replaced.

  72. I have a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II. The agitator will not seperate! Been pulling and tapping and pulling, nothing. Do I have a different style? or is it just “stuck” Calvin

  73. Thanks so much, it worked like a charm on the 20 year old clothes washer originally purchased for my son’s student apartment. It seemed way too old to pay a repairman to come but we are so happy to still have it agitating.

  74. Thank you!
    With your pictures and easy to understand instructions, even my husband (who is very much NOT the handy type) was able to fix our 10 yr old Kenmore!

  75. I am a 70 y/o widow on a limited income and thanks to your web site I just fixed my washer by myself. Thank you so much for helping others. I was so afraid I was going to have to try to replace my washer. I just Goggled “agitator slipping” and your link came up, Thank you again!!

  76. You should be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality blogs online.

    I most certainly will highly recommend this website!

  77. Hi David, i have a Maytag model MAV7000AWQ. Our repair guy says that this should last forever and not to get rid of it. but i’m having a similar agitator issue. washer fills up with water and then the agitator makes a lout sound like its slipping. agitator doesn’t move anything. now interestingly enough it does spin during the rinse cycle. would my repair be similar to the model you just fixed in this demo.

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  80. Since you fixed your own. So am I. Just needing a gasket for agitator.
    Point is: Look up on Ebay for commercial coupler. ; )
    Heaven 1 piece nit 3. Nit cheapy. Way ti be!

  81. Thank you so much for your extremely helpful post on repairing the agitator dogs. I am out of work and of course this is when everything that can break, will. I followed your step by step instructions, with some adjustments, for my Kenmore 600 washer, and in 10 minutes I was done.

    I ordered the dogs online for less than $3.00 and actually got free shipping. Yeehah. Then took things apart, cleaned (lots of soap) everything, replaced dogs, reassembled and viola, working agitator.


  82. My machine is a Kenmore and it was doing exactly the same thing. I followed the pics provided by David and it honestly took 10 minutes. (Yes the nut was a 7/16 with a long shaft socket)….good luck

  83. My washer agitates when there is water in the tub but doesn’t when clothes are added.

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