4 Wire Range Plug Receptacle

A four wire range receptacle – AKA stove plug, or range plug – is extremely similar to other large 240 volt receptacles.  This particular installation is of a surface mounted receptacle.


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Basic 220 Volt Circuits

220 volt circuits (AKA 230 volt, or 240 volt) are used to supply power to appliances which draw high currents such as clothes dryers, ranges, ovens, cook-tops, heaters, air conditioners, rotary phase converters, and water heaters.

This article is for informational purposes only, and it may be entirely or partly incorrect.  Electrical work should only be performed by qualified persons. Anyone who does electrical work must always follow all safety rules and guidelines. Read the Safety Rules for Electrical work before going any further.  By continuing you agree that you are responsible for your own actions.

Parts of a 220 Circuit (more…)

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Free Electric Load Calculator

Free NEC Standard Method Single Family Residential – Electric Service Entrance Load Calculator

What is this?

Enter plain numbers in cells without text or labels. If you leave any cells empty they will be calculated as zero.

Total Square feet of dwelling

Total # of Small Appliance Branch circuits (must be at least 2). If you have gas appliances which require a 120v branch circuit include them here. (more…)

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